The ultimate venture every IT house undertakes at its pinnacle is to get into the ERP business.

As TechDev Factories (IT companies) gain strength and experience, they build up a portfolio of small solutions for pretty much every leading market vertical and then there comes a time when putting them all together in 1 piece seems imminent to create a market niche for themselves.

We at Premium eBizSols found at that cross road in 2019. The last 2 years went if actively creating solutions for various clients and venturing into unknown territories of technology applications. The result was a portfolio of solutions that had a potential of creating a bigger impact when put togather. Hence we started thinking big and started 2019 with the plan of creating our own ERP. A dream led it to be branded as NuePayTree.

The plan is simple…to start small and over time grow. Keeping in line with the trends, the key factor is SAAS platform. Deviating from the conventional models, the solution will be purely offered as Software as a Solution. A lite version is in the making and we’re expecting to roll out the pilot soon. We’d like to see how the product is received and perceived in market and take it to new heights from thereon based on the demand factors and feedback from our users.